Wednesday, August 28, 2013

And now I'm 20

Heeheehee!  Oh, Mom, you make me laugh!  I love you so much.

I went to Bologna on Monday for our weekly District Meeting, and there I was BOMBARDED by a sack of mail and packages!  Wow, what a birthday surprise!  They had built up at the office and then sent them along my way with my Zone Leaders who live in Bologna!  Unfortunately I don't think I received all 20 cards that you sent: 18 clever birthday and two packages, one with chocolate and one with American deoderant.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Take good care of the Light you're given

Soaking in Ferraran Rain

Wow, thank you for sharing that wonderful learning experience, Mom.  You are a great teacher with a contagious love and respect for Heavenly Father, and Gentry is wise beyond her years.  I miss Family Home Evening!  There is an American family here in Ferrara, stationed for the Air Force, that we visited a few Mondays ago.  Their Family Home Evening (complete with a spiritual thought, activity, and chocolate chip cookies!!) brought back so many wonderful memories of doing the same with my family, every Monday night for nearly twenty years.

Nearly twenty years... whew.  Let's save that terrifying thought for next week, eh?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Will you sing along?

 Wow, what an email!  Thank you, Mom.  I'm glad I have people like you, Agent Larson, and my dearest friends--missionary and non-missionary alike- -who write me such heartfelt, uplifting emails so often.  I'm truly blessed with a huge and dedicated support group, such that when I think of you all, sorrow flees away.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Just be happy.

What a difference a week makes!  I can't say this was the best week of my life, but I chose to smile, and that made all the difference.

Anziano Marin is awesome.  We really bonded this week, talking and laughing and sharing experiences and making inside jokes.  He's from Los Angeles, which is super cool, and he's the type that just chugs along and keep smiling.  He always wears a squinty little smile that reminds me of Audrey.  He wants to be a computer programmer for the Air Force one day, and he's a good missionary with a huge drive to change things and make a difference.  I love him, and I hope we get two transfers together.

And Ferrara?  Yeah, it's small.  Yeah, it's hot.  Yeah, the people aren't exactly groping in the dark for the truth.  But it's BEAUTIFUL.  I mean, classic ancient Italian gorgeous.  I'm going to take a ton of pictures today and I'll send them in next week's email.  This internet spot is pretty great, good prices and quick service.