Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mio Figlio

Anziano Burton is where he belongs!  He called yesterday from the airport en route to Milan. He sounds great, ready and sweet, and we recorded some fine Italian as he described the First Vision.  This morning the kind mission office called to say he arrived safely and after training, he will be making street contacts in the centre of Milan! We are so happy!  He has been called to serve first in Padova with Elder Burr.  He must be thrilled! He can email Wednesdays, starting next week.

This is home video of him opening his call on September 1, 2012.  He was in Provo at school, and wanted us to just mail it to him.  We can't explain it, but when the letter came, there was nothing else to do than wake the next morning and strap it into a seatbelt and drive it the 11 hours to his door.  He barely said hi to us, and we went to his room, got Audrey on speaker phone and...

I wish I could edit my screams. I wish we hadn't lost the camera I am holding so you could see his face. Listen to his voice when his eyes read ahead to where he is called. It's always been his dream call! Listen for Gentry's squeal and watch Jed's face when he reads over Ky's shoulder where his brother is going.  Now he is there!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! Thank you for sharing. :) Dionne, you are the best mom ever! What a great collage. And I can't believe Ky is all the way in Italy serving the Lord! How wonderful to hear the Italian testimony! I'm so glad you are all happy!

  2. I am crying...again...reading this post and watching the video. I am thrilled that Ky is teaching the gospel & sharing the Spirit with his Italian brothers & sisters today! Wow! Can't use enough exclamation marks!!! I love you all!