Wednesday, May 22, 2013

There's Always Something to Love

I'm trying to send a ton of pictures, so this letter will be short, but the most important things are that I love you, I love God, and I'm so happy to be in Italy!

 I experience the gift of tongues, like, every day.  In other churches, "the gift of tongues" is very different from what we believe, which is this: God fulfills his promise that every nation, kindred, tongue, and people will hear His word by giving his messenges the ability to learn and speak those languages with the help of the Holy Ghost.  Not only do I experience that in lessons, when I'm teaching in Italian and suddenly have a word or a whole sentence pop into my head that I've never even studied that helps teach a gospel principle, or when Anziano Modugno suddenly speaks perfect English when he needs to teach something to an African.  It's really amazing to see.  Daily miracles.

I'm feeling myself grow more comfortable as a missionary.  As we teach more lessons, I'm becoming more bold and eager to teach simple truths and bring people closer to Christ, which is exactly what I'm called to do.  It's so exciting.  This was a good week.

Pray for help.  Honestly, just do it.  Don't be afraid, don't be embarassed, don't listen to the wicked spirit that teaches a man not to pray.  Just pray, try it out!  Talk to God like your father, because that's exactly who He is.  Tell Him what you liked about your day, or if you hated it, tell Him that!  "Heavenly Father, today sucked" is not an uncommon way to start a prayer in the mission field.  Thank Him for blessings and ask Him for help, and I promise you that if you pray in the name of Jesus Christ, all things that you need will be given to you.  But remember: God knows what you really need.

Anyway, there's my spiritual thought for today... now back to trying to get these pictures to work!  I'll write more next week now that I've figured all this stuff out.  I love you all, thank you for the prayers and encouragement, and know that I think of you often and am SO lifted by your love.  Honestly, I could not do this without knowing that people back home care about me.

Oh, real quick, my roomates (the zone leaders, who I love dearly) were "transfered" to Padova!  They already live here, but they've been working in Mestre, a city just inland from Venice.  It's been... not good.  Heheh.  But President Wolfgramm transfered them to work with us in Padova, and already we can see the blessings of this change.  I'm so excited to work more closely with them, and the ward LOVES them!  It's so much fun.  The mission is so much fun!  Everything gets better when you love: love people, love your circumstances.  There's always something to love if you look for it... or ask for it.  Y'know, in prayer.

Vi volgio bene!  (That means "I love you all!"  To say "I love you," it's just ti voglio bene, which is pronounced "tee vole-yo ben-ay".)

Anziano Burton

photo.JPGWe had a Talent Night at the ward this week.  Tons of people came, both members and nonmembers, and there were so many funny, cool, and adorable talents.  I got to play "Fix You" and they loved that.  It's so cool to bond with ward members.

Also, DAN BROWN CAME OUT WITH A BOOK ABOUT DANTE'S INFERNO!!!  I can't wait to read it... in two years.

And here's a picture of the statue of Dante next to Prato della Valle.

Also, tell gentry that her letter was SO AWESOME and her info about Padova was perfect.  I'll write her back soon.

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  1. "Fix You" - my favorite Coldplay song! I would have cried! Awesome thoughts about prayer. Why do we think we can "fix" everything on our own when the Savior has offered his never-ending help & love? Thanks for the reminder. Love you!