Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Often Fun and Always Rewarding

HUZZAH for the Columbia Basin Ward!  Bishop Merrill was amazing and I love him so much for the support he always gave to me, and I am so excited for, Bishop Stock and his family!  In bocca al lupo, davvero!
Mom, don't worry that the email didn't go through last week.  Sorry that this one sar√† super short--I opened my inbox to 21 emails!!  Troppo!

The graduation pictures did come through, and they're fantastic!  Congratulations, Audrey.  That's an exciting time.  I remember listening to "Fix You" in the car driving to my friend's house after graduation (funny how that song keeps coming back) and bawling like a child, realizing how much life was about to change.  But it's a great change!  High school was a blast, but my years since graduation have been the best of my (very short) life.

It's always great when we're walking around Prato della Valle or Centro and someone recognizes us.  "Mormoni!"  It's a nice change from asking everyone you see if they've seen the Book of Mormon, or if they're happy with their life, or how they feel the Holy Ghost.  Missionary work is cool in its diversity.  We do the same things every week, day, hour, but since we work with people it's always different.  And having people talk to us out of the blue is so exciting.  It's like getting an extra scoop of gelato or something.  (Gelato is amazing, by the way, especially latte-miele and pistacchio.)

I made my first several phone calls in Italian this week.  It went... kind of well.  The first one was awful because I was nervous and barely understood anything, but the more I do it the more comfortable I get.  It's amazing to think I can actually communicate in another language, even if the communication is super broken and ineffective at times.

The work is hard, but often fun (if you make it fun) and always rewarding.  Reminds me of farm work sometimes.  I'm so grateful for the time I got to spend living and working on a farm.  I didn't have the best attitude, and nor was I the hardest worker, but Jim kept teaching me and giving me opportunities to succeed and in the end it was a very shaping, eternally helpful experience.  Thank you, Jim!

This week felt really long.  Some weeks fly, some weeks crawl.  Guess that's just how it is.  Can't believe my second transfer is almost over.  Yuck.

Having the capi zona in Padova with us has been amazing.  They've seen SO many crazy miracles, like looking for less actives, but their house is abandon, and then knocking on random houses in the middle of the city and finding the people they were originally looking for, like, the next day.  It's really cool to see how much God is blessing them now for the hard labor they did in Mestre to little fruits.  They really are a huge help here, and I'm thrilled to work alongside them.

We don't have to worry about zanzare TOO much yet, thanks to the weird weather.  It keeps raining, which apparently in unusual this far into May and June.  In fact, it was POURING an hour ago, and we were caught right in the middle of it!  My shirt and pants are still dripping wet.  But that's missionary work!  Ha!  I love it.  Such experiences.  I'll look back on these days forever.

I'll send a bunch of pictures.  Thank you for the love, prayers, support, emails, letters, and everything else you all do for me.  It's amazing and humbling and sono felicissimo.  Buona settimana!

Anziano Burton

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  1. Love the farm reference! Bet you never thought he'd say that, huh? Much prayers for another good, growing week!