Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Share It!

This week we were interviewed in the church by President Dibb.  I'll have to get a few pictures of the meetinghouse here in Verona, it's amazing.  The Spirit is so strong every time I'm in there.  We love to have lessons within its walls.  So, at an appointed time, we rode our bikes there to meet with our mission president and spend a few minutes in an office with him to chat about the work and receive some inspired counsel.

Among many great words, he challenged our companionship--with both Anziano Petterborg and I, separately--to teach 21 lessons this week.  Twenty-one.  That may seem like a laughable number to elders in South America, but to Italian missionaries... well... I think the most I've ever taught in a week is 11.

But Anziano Petterborg and I accepted the challenge, and so far--Monday and Tuesday--we've already taught 7.  Four of those were completely unplanned.  We have been praying together several times a day, begging to be led and told what to say.  And we've seen miracles.  Last night, fifteen minutes before it was time to go home and needing one more lesson to meet the goal we had set for the that day, we searched the streets around our house, trying to find the Lord's elect.  Eventually we found a man eating a meager dinner on a bench.  We asked if we could sit across from him--he permitted us.

In a period of less than ten minutes, and with the Spirit guiding both our words, Anziano Petterborg and I delivered a beautiful message of hope.  We talked about Jesus Christ calming the sea, and that though our lives are filled with storms, we, too, can experience the Savior's power when He says "Peace, be still."  He was deeply touched and talked with us openly about his trials.  We prayed with him to end our meeting with sincere thanks to God and pleas for help.  As soon as we stood to leave, the bell tolled 9:30, and we hurried home.

Miracles are everywhere.  We are here on a mission to bring others to Christ, and we do that in so many ways.  You have a mission, too, y'know.  A mission to work out your own salvation and selflessly, kindly help others do the same.  The gospel of Jesus Christ brings peace in this world and eternal life in the world to come.  Please share it.

That's our District Vision this Transfer: "Share It!"  We're recording how many people we try to talk to every day.  We've tried to stop 80 in the last two days.  We can do better.

Anziano Petterborg is a fantastic missionary.  He wants to work hard, and sometimes I feel like I'm holding him back from doing great things.  That just inspires me to work harder, though.  It's amazing how the Lord knows who will help you the most as a companion.  I'm humbled and grateful to be right where I am.

Much love from beautiful Verona,
Anziano Burton

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  1. Love to hear about your miracles. God is great!