Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Find a Way

Thank you for bearing your testimony at the end of your email, Mom.  Dad did the same thing this week.  I'm always touched by testimony, especially here on the mission.  Anziano Kessler and I have seen a dip in the work and our (okay, my) attitude has suffered.  We often talk about our purpose, and how to know if we're doing well as a missionary. 

He's helping me come to the conclusion that a missionary is happy when he does his job: invite and help others to come unto Christ.  How do we do that?  By making direct invitations and committing people to act on the word of God, to try out His way and obey His commandments to receive His promised blessings.  That's what changes lives, creating a personal relationship with Heavenly Father.

As missionaries, most of our work is not, in fact, based on our own choices.  It's really frustrating and disheartening to set goals and make plans that almost entirely depend on the free agency of other people.  But as long as we are making invites and bearing testimony, we're doing all we can do.  At that point it's up to God and His Spirit to make the difference.

Bearing testimony is powerful.  It's as simple as telling others what you know is true.  It's really just telling the truth.  Find a way to bear your testimony this week.  It's amazing how quickly the Spirit brings good feelings to your heart and the hearts of those around you when you do something as simple as tell the truth.

Have a great week, and begin the New Year wisely!  I'm going to try to be happier this year, because I'm constantly reminded that happiness is a choice.  Good thing I have Anziano Happy Kessler to show me the ropes.  He's got a tough student, though.  We'll see how well we teach each other by my happiness and his Italian at the end of this next Transfer.  Starts on Monday!  It'll be my 8th, which means... halfway done.


Anziano Burton

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