Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Oh my goodness gracious sakes!  My heart is just a-burstin' right now!  This is one of the happiest emails I've gotten in a long time.  Seeing my little brother wind up to the pitch, and my beautiful stepsister getting married to an RM!?  WOW!  I'm just so stinkin' happy!  Feels like my chest is bursting.  Maybe that's from all the pushups I do in the morning.  Heheh, just kidding.

Man, I dunno, I'm just in a good mood.  The start of the this week was really hard, I was having some inner emotional crisis or something, weighed down with too much to do and too little confidence.  I had a really, really good chat with our ward mission leader and then experienced some wonderful revelation while preparing for my first District Meeting training, and now I'm just feeling great.

I taught the District about a concept that's been running through my head since Ferrara: INSPIRE.  In Italian, the verb "inspirare" means "to breathe in".  INSPIRE is all about comparing inspiration to breathing, because they are very similar.  Inspiration is essentially our spirit's way of breathing.  If we work harder, we receive more revelation.  If we slow down, the revelation does, too.  And if we stop receiving revelation... we die.  Spiritually.  But the Atonement can bring us back to life, heal us, restore our breath (2 Nephi 9:26), and keep us receiving inspiration as often as we breathe.

Pretty great stuff, I love that concept.  Spiritually breathe with me this week.  INSPIRE!

I'm doing pretty well over here.  Trying to forget myself and go to work.  I hope you're doing well, too.  One of the keys of inspiration is prayer.  Pray a lot this week, 10 times as much as you normally do.  Say a prayer every hour, if you can.  You'll notice God's hand more as you seek Him out.

Remember, God does not solve your problems, but He gives you the strength and ideas to grow and solve your own.  We matter to God.  Did you read that?  You matter to God!  What an amazing, humbling, and exciting thought, all at once.

Let God matter to you.  John 4:19

Con tanto amore,
Anziano Burton

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