Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I really can't think of much to write about this week beyond my allergies.  I mean that both as 1) my allergies have been a main concern of the week, and 2) right now my allergies are making it hard to think or write.  So excuse me for a short email.

We got some great new investigators this week who I love, and it's always exciting when I really love the people I'm teaching with all my heart.  We've also had several cool experiences with people stopping us, which very rarely happens around here.  In one day, three or four people just walked up to us or waved us over to their parked car and started a curious conversation that led to us getting to know them, bearing testimony, and inviting them to meet and know more.  So far we haven't had much success, but that's okay.

The District is doing great!  My area is actually the least successful in the District, which is kind of funny and also humiliating because the District Leader is supposed to be a standard and example.  Instead I'm limping in behind the thunderous excellence of my fellow anziani.  Oh, well.  Everything happens for a reason, I suppose.  I do love working with and getting to know these great elders, though.  One thing a District Leader does is "scambios", companionship exchanges, where I go spend a day with each of the elders I'm over and we switch companions.  It's pretty fun and you get to see lots of different ways to do missionary work.

The Capi Zona (zone leaders) came down yesterday from Ravenna and scambio'd with Anziano Gomez and me.  I was with Anziano Gneiting (night-ing), who is HUGE.  Like, I felt like little David doing missionary work with Goliath.  He comes from Las Vegas, where I was born, and it makes me wonder if I would have known him if my parents had stayed there.  Boh.  Anyway, he's a really happy, positive person that reminded me a lot of Anziano Kessler, and it was fun to be with an experienced missionary for a while.

All right, I think that's all I'm going to get out between sneezes here.  I hope to send pictures of Urbino soon, a gorgeous, ancient little city we drove to with the Capi this morning.  A nice PDay adventure.  Haven't had one of those for a while.

Ciao tutti.  Take life a day at a time, and be proud of all the good you've done at the end of every day.  Look yourself in the mirror and smile, and maybe even say thanks.  But don't forget to give the most amount of thanks to God.  We don't even realize everything He's doing just for us.

Anziano Burton

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