Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Truly Magical Moment

Buon Natale!

I got an onslaught of other envelopes from a bunch of people out of the blue, so I'll be busy responding to all of you kind folk over the next few weeks.  Thanks for the Christmas love and well wishes!  They are returned wholeheartedly, e per lo più in italiano.

We caroled several times this week.  I might pop up on YouTube somewhere: I stood up on a little stone column in centro and sang O Holy Night at the top of my lungs.  Passerbys took videos and the whole piazza got silent to listen.  A truly magical moment for me.

But now we're all sick, ha!  All four of us in the apartment have caught a little cold.  We finally taught our first lesson as a companionship this week, and I think the work will pick up a bit after the holidays.  That's a nice thought.  For now we're trying to rest and get our voices back so that we can talk to our families tomorrow.

My companion's name is Anziano Hillyard.  He's from Idaho Falls, is tall and lanky and quiet, and we get along great.  Maybe I'll get the chance to send some pictures from the church later today.  If not... well, one more month isn't gonna hurt anybody.  I've always liked words more than pictures, anyway.

One more month.  Huh.  That's weird.

So things are going well here in Bergamo.  I'm happier than I thought I'd be.  I miss my dear friends in Reggio and often wonder what might have been, but the members have been very kind to us here, I've already gotten to sing for District Meeting, Sacrament Meeting, a Talent Show, and while caroling, and it's good to meet new people and make new friends.  Maybe that's the most amazing thing about friendship in the end: it's not a substance.  It doesn't run out.  It's infinite, and we can share it infinitely.

There are a lot of eternal things, and they are by far the most important.  Remember that you and I are eternal, too, and that we matter.  Let's make sure we're all aware of that together this Christmas Season.

Con tanto affetto,
Anziano Burton

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