Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Italian Snow

This week was better than last.  Christmas was nice -- even if it never really felt like Christmas, but I'm glad I got to Skype my family -- and then on Saturday it SNOWED!  One of the only things I wanted to see and hadn't yet was Italian snow.  It was beautiful.  We walked through centro and took the funicolare to Città Alta.  I was in heaven: huge, slow snowflakes falling among the ancient buildings and brave evergreens, while adults dared to finally smile and children shrieked and danced in the streets.  I'll admit I did a bit of skipping and giggling as well.  Okay, a lot, actually.  It was a dream come true, okay?

Thanks for your faith in and prayers for the work here.  When I saw Anziano Horrocks in Milano during transfers, he told me to find a man that he found a year ago while serving in this same branch.  We did find him in the Area Book and were able to meet him yesterday.  He's a worried young father with great morals and lots of respect.  I'm excited to help him find a testimony of the Book of Mormon.

Sorry for the short blog, but my hands are freezing and it's hard to type.  (Other missionaries are always flabbergasted by how fast I type.  I get in three times as many words as they do during our 90 minutes.  Thanks for letting me practice for hours back home!)  I feel like I'm looking at the first rays of light, long before a sunrise.  I know the beauty and warmth is coming, but it's still a good ways away.  Three and a half weeks, to be exact.  I'll admit it's exciting, but also scary.  I have no idea what this next "day" of my life will bring.  All I know is it's getting close, and I have a lot of people who love me to help me, not to mention 2 years of lifechanging experience and a loving God in Heaven.

Happy New Year, everyone.  2015 has long been a symbol for "the rest of my life".  Thanks to these two long, hard years full of understanding, light, and learning, 2015 is brighter than ever.

Buon Anno,
Anziano Burton

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