Wednesday, April 9, 2014

For good reason

I always seem to run out of time.  I usually save this email for last, because every time I think I'll have plenty of time left over to think about what to say.  But, instead, I end up writing huge emails--half of them in Italian these days--to everyone and their mother, and then I'm left to scramble out a few words of faux-wisdom and missionary experience.

Well, I'll just tell you a few great things that happened.  This week felt really long, and the weather kept oscillating between super summer hot to cool and rainy.  Right now it's raining--piove.  My thoughts are starting to translate themselves again instead of separating English and Italian because I'm having to answer "What does that mean?" or "How do you say...?" ten times a day.  Va bene.

His name is Anziano G.  He is from a city close-ish to LA.  He's an opera singer!  He's funny, clever, and eager to learn and be a good missionary.  

Conference was wonderful.  We watched it in our little chapel here in the city.  Since most people in the branch speak English here, we used the chapel to stream the sessions in English while the Branch President's office's computer played Italian.  Lots of our new members came and enjoyed it. Missionaries LOVE Conference, and for good reason.  It's so inspiring.  There were a few talks in particular that gave me lots of good ideas for how to help people more and serve others joyfully.  Service is so powerful and cool.  We feel so happy when we're connected to other people.

Lots of legal stuff to do, too.  At the same time that we need to get Anziano G his Permesso di Soggiorno--the document that allows him to stay here in Italy--Anziano H and I both need to renew ours!  So we'll be in and out of the government offices of Ancona this transfer, but that's okay.  I'm just glad I get to be here.

This'll be a nutty transfer, I can already tell.  It's gonna start getting hot again, and since we're close to the sea, people are going to wear... less.  Including the missionaries.  Here come the baggy white short-sleeved shirts (siiiigh...).

We went to Rimini for a Zone Training meeting and had a scambio with the Pesaro anziani this week, so it was pretty crazy.  I hope next week I have more important stuff to say.  For now, just remember that the personal revelation the general authorities receive to write such amazing talks is also available to you!  You don't even need to be writing a talk--any time you have a question, go to God.  He loves to answer prayers, and getting new ideas from the Holy Ghost is a really thrilling experience.  Listen close!

I love you all,
Anziano Burton

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  1. Happy Easter, Anziano Burton! Thank you for sharing the good news of the Gospel every day and serving our Savior so well. We love you!