Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Doing my best

There's a lot I could write about this week, but since I want to include some pictures, I'll keep it short.

I'm about to enter my 10th transfer.  In the mission, Transfer Age matters a lot, and a missionary in their 10th is officially "old".  That's scary.  We only serve 16 total.  10/16... gross.

But let's not think about that.  Let's look at what's in store for me here in my 10th Transfer.  I'll still be here in Ancona, but I won't be with Anziano T anymore.  In fact, we're going to Milano tomorrow... to pick up my new greenie!  President called me on Monday.  I'll be training again!

This is crazy news for me.  I came in a year ago in a group of over 30 new missionaries.  This group has only 7.  I have been selected to guide one of these new missionaries through his first 3 months in Italy.  What a privilege, and what a responsibility.  I'll be praying a lot and doing my best to love this kid and remind him of the power and authority he has received.  I loved training the first time, and I hope this will be an experience just as edifying for both of us.

I can't wait for General Conference.  This will be my 3rd session on the mission, and every time it's more and more exciting.  To hear a living prophet's voice and bask in revelation is an amazing experience, and we are so lucky to get it twice a year.  Let's bring some good questions to Conference.  I promise you they will be answered!

The new apartment is great.  I'm excited to bring my trainee to a nice, new, clean, big place to live comfortably and feel the Spirit.  The Spirit is so important on the mission.  I think that's why the mission is going through this "new apartment" phase.  A clean, bright environment is more conducive to personal revelation.  God is a god of order, and we ought to follow His example.

Okay, that's it for this week.  I'm sure I'll have some exciting adventures and crazy stories for next Wednesday.  One old missionary and one newborn, facing the hills of Ancona with experience and great faith.  I see good things coming in the very near future.

Anziano Burton

1. the Trajan Arch... of destiny
2. me with P (tall) and C, who were both baptized!  And speak Italian!
3. The gang!  Anz H (DL), H (cleanfreak, friend, singer), T, and yours truly
4. missionary work in Ancona

1. me and Mattia Modugno!
2. at the old port
3. this is what we use to baptize here
4. view of the port from our new balcony

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