Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Focusing on Christ

Awww, that picture with Oma is so cute!  I look like Jed did when he was little!

Today was crazy and my head is still kinda rattled from all it's events, so forgive the short email and lack of usual enthusiasm.  We went to San Marino today as a District--the 2 companionships is Ancona and one is Pesaro.  San Marino is an ancient little country inside Italy.  It's pretty much just a city, but it's really nice and super old, and best of all the ancient part is built on top of this crazy, fantasy-esque mountain with towers of castles and walls.  And they have really cheap chocolate, cologne, guns, and crossbows.  Ha!  There are stores full of ancient-to-modern weaponry totally legal inside San Marino only.  Don't worry, it's a peaceful place, but they like their toys, I guess.

This week wasn't great as far as missionary work goes.  I'm feeling really "behind", not getting the numbers we plan for and seeing very little success or fruits from our labors.  People keep telling me it's only a phase, there are ups and downs and all that stuff.  I'm trying to believe it, but it's hard.  I'm sure you can relate.  Still, when I read in my journal of all the miracles and great people I've met and places I've been and things I've done here, it always cheers me up.  I'll keep moving forward, and so should you.

I'm still focusing on Christ and finding lots of joy from that.  I can't remember if I wrote about it last week, but I'm really trying to gear my thoughts toward Him.  It's totally changing the way I think and the things I want to do.  I'm amazed, I'm happier, and I'm excited to keep going and watch this planted seed of faith grow and grow.

It's hard to watch others make poor choices.  There are so many heartbreaking parts of mission life.  But in the end, I chose to do this, I was chosen to be here, and God is preparing me for better (and worse) things to come.  I'll just keep breathing and enjoying the little things... even missing stops on trains and losing an hour of PDay going in expensive circles, heheh.

I love you.  Remember that sometimes God lets us take the wrong road for a moment, just so we can be all the more sure of which the RIGHT road is.  Elder Holland taught that.

Everyone who can, tell Clayton I love him to death, I'm so proud of him, and BUENAS NOCHESSSSSS!!   [Elder Calaway returns home today from his two years in Mexico!]

Anziano Burton

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