Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Good Feeling

I think about our ancestors, too, and everything they did.  I've been reading "Our Heritage" and I watched "Legacy" while on a scambio in Pesaro this week.  The pioneers made such amazing sacrifices.  But not just them, even further back.  So many people made so many choices that landed me exactly where I am right now.  It's bizarre, but it's so great and it's fun to think about now and then.  Life is so huge and crazy, but God is in control, and He makes things beautiful.

It doesn't feel like much has happened this week.  It got really hot.  I cut my hair twice.  It's super, super short now.  I can't stand the heat.  I don't mind wearing short sleeves anymore, though.  I used to think these short-sleeved white shirts were so goofy and silly looking.  Now I just feel like a missionary.  It's a good feeling.

We have to move.  Again.  This will be the third time moving in this city.  President is sending a new senior couple down here to live in Ancona, and they'll use the house I'm in right now.  We get to move back in with the other anziani, which will be nice, but I'm really sick of moving every month.  Ha!  And then I'll probably get transferred two weeks later.  Who knows.

We're going to Firenze again in a week or so.  There'll be a missionary conference in the church there.  I'm excited, I love that city.

I'm so happy that God has given me so many good examples.  So many loving friends who paved the way and served honorable missions.  The Dream Team -- Tate, Clayton, Brad, and I -- are 3/4 done with the missions.  If they can do it, so can I.  And I will.

Missions Accomplished: The Dream Team: Ciao!!!

Anziano Burton
San Marino

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