Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Greatest

Elder Holland really is The Man.  It's popular here in the mission to have audio recordings of his best talks and listen to them often.  It really pumps us up, helps us feel the Spirit, and teaches us what's most important.  I love that man, and I hope I get to meet him... again.

That's funny and cool about Brooke.  [Our Pasco friend sent a message saying: "Hey!!! I'm in Italy and I found some elders that knew your son!! Pretty cool. I asked if they knew an elder burton and they said yea. He sings really good right and dresses nice? I said yes! That would be him. :)) thought I would let you know."] We're headed back to Firenze tomorrow for a Multi-Zone Conference.  Some missionaries have this biting fear that they're going to run into someone they know from home here in Italy.  I never even consider it possible, with how few people I know and how huge Italy is.  I'm happy to know my name has circulated around the mission, though, especially for my singing.  You always wonder what other missionaries think of you.  It doesn't really matter, but it's nice to know, I guess.

The work is hard.  But I believe that somehow, someone's being blessed for what I'm trying to do and my righteous desires, and I believe in God and His goodness.  I love the Book of Mormon with all my heart, I honor the prophet Joseph Smith, and my Savior is Jesus Christ, the greatest Man who ever lived, my King, my Brother, and my God.  He suffered much more pain than mine, but he did feel mine, and I will turn to him.

Anziano Burton

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