Wednesday, July 9, 2014

An instrument in His symphony

This week went so fast.  I can't even believe it's already July 9.  What happened to Independence Day?  We tried to celebrate it by singing patriotic songs and eating at McDonalds.  It was pretty fun, but four Americans celebrating isn't quite the same as ALL American celebrating.  Plus I spilled chocolate milkshake on my pants.  Ha!

But it was a good week.  We went to Modena for a really great zone training meeting that focused on personal revelation, being creative and individual in missionary work, and finding the people God has prepared to receive his message.  They are here!  We know they are!  Anziano Carter and I get sad sometimes that so few people listen to us, but we believe and are searching for the people God's been getting ready.

We have lots of fun in this city, trying lots of new things and talking to anyone and everyone.  We're making lots of friends and seeing lots of success as far as our personal happiness.  I believe that as long as you feel truly happy, you're doing what God needs you to do, and even better things are coming, even if it doesn't seem that way.

There was a huge storm here the other day.  I loved it.  Torrential rain, great big hail, flooding and breaking branches and all sorts of mayhem.  We walked around after the storm and cleaned off park benches for fun.  It keeps raining every morning and evening, but during the day the sky is gorgeous with deep blues and golden clouds.  The temperature is heavenly, and there's something really great about the crispness of it all.  I love beauty in nature.

But beauty in people is my real passion, and I love to see the spark in their souls when we tell the truth.  That's all this mission is, after all.  That's all bearing a testimony is.  Saying something true.  You can feel it, and it's a great feeling.  I love leaving people with smiles, even if they're not interested in learning about what we know right now.  Perhaps they will be in the future.  God knows, and that's good enough for me.

I'm glad to be an instrument in His symphony right now.  He is the Musician, and we just need to stay in tune.  The best way to do that is making harmony with others.

Yeesh, that's all a bunch of deep, musical, philosophical nonsense, isn't it?  Or maybe it's really that simple.  Guess we'll just keep moving forward and find out together.

Love and joy,
Anziano Burton

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