Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Doing Good

You may or may not notice that I'm writing this rather late.  We went to the mountains today to check out a castle.  It was a great adventure, but also a long one that included missing trains and surprising separations.  All is well, and I'll certainly sleep well tonight.

I'm glad my family got my most recent letters.  My mom asked me how I am -- just like that, "How are you?"  The simplicity makes me think she's worried, but maybe I'm reading too deeply into things.

I'm doing... good.  Not well, but good.  I mean, I'm actually doing good things.  Not all the time, and not as good of things as I probably could be doing, but I do notice day by day how much good I am able to do for others.  It's amazing and humbling and beautiful.  I feel closer to God.

I love Mormon messages.  Anziano Espinosa has downloaded tons of them and we watch them in the apartment frequently.  Some of the more recent ones are terrific!  Especially "Hope of God's Light." video

Anziano Espinosa also crashed on his bike today.  He hurt his wrist pretty bad and ripped off a lot of skin.  I've been warning him to be more careful on his bike for 2 transfers.  I guess that if you don't listen to the warning from his servants, God gets a bit louder.  Ha!  He protects His own through many means.

I'm dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep.  Nothing is changing in Transfers... which I'm okay with, I guess.  It's getting to the point that my last changes are coming.  Next week I'll be in my 14th Transfer.  Yeesh.  We have a new Zone Leader and one new sister in the District, so that'll spice stuff up enough to get a few new flavors.  We'll see how another six weeks in Reggio has in store for me.

Anziano Burton


Have you read or listened to Cleon Skousen?

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