Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Oye, what to write this week.  Things just blur together.  I'm sure I had some cool experiences.

We casa'd into a group of 4 college age kids who actually listened to our spiel on the Restoration and accepted a return appointment to receive copies of the Book to read for themselves.  That was pretty great.

English class was fun, as usual.  We had everyone write letters to each other while I played nice songs on the piano.  They actually loved getting to practice reading and writing.  I love letters.

Anziano Espinosa and I did a scambio this last week.  An appointment of ours was cancelled, so we suddenly decided to hop on a tiny train that passes through the itty-bitty towns surrounding Reggio Emilia and get off when we felt like it.

We landed in a super tiny city and started walking around.  A young boy I guessed was Albanian was standing on the sidewalk using his phone.  We started talking to him and he didn't seem very interested. Then I started speaking the little bits of Albanian that I knew from Anziano Hallulli, and he seemed to like that.

We ended up teaching him about the Plan of Salvation after asking, "If you could ask one question to God, what would it be?"  His response: "What comes after this life."  Bingo.  We taught him.

We're going to bring him an Albanian Book of Mormon soon so that his mother can read along.  He was 14 years old.  Makes me think of Jed.  I love families.

We went out to have lunch with a member who lives a long bus ride out of town, but he wasn't home.  So we crossed the street and ate a pizzeria instead.  Ha!  It was delicious, I'll miss the pizza here so much someday.

It's getting cold, which is wonderful.  It also makes the hot days that pop up every once in a while even less bearable.  But I'm glad to be pulling out the sweaters and long sleeve shirts.  That means General Conference is coming up!  Wooohooo!!!  I love GenCon!

So the work's moving along.  We have yet to meet with our new ward mission leader, but I think he's really going to do his best and make some cool changes.  I'm excited to see what differences rise this transfer compared to the last.  I'm especially happy to have Anziano McKinnon (my MTC companion) in my District now.  That means I'll get to do a companionship exchange with him.  Talk about a big circle!

I'm trying to read the Book of Mormon in Italian before I finish the mission.  I'm behind on the schedule that I made for myself, but it's amazing how much I learn from studying familiar things in another language.  Makes me wish everyone had the chance to learn a second tongue.  If you ever get the chance, take it!  It's an amazing experience.

Life is an amazing experience.  Sometimes it's a slow, sad ride, but other times it's delightful and inspiring. Right now, for me, it's somewhere in the middle.  But I'm looking up.

Molto amore,
Anziano Burton

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