Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Another 6 Weeks

(deep breath)


I'd sing it in Italian, but I don't think you'd understand.  Besides, the origins of the word auguri are super creepy.

Anyway, happy birthday, little g and Big J!  It's weird to have both of your birthdays in the same week, but also super fun.  I can't remember when either of you were born, but I do remember how much I loved you both as babies.  Why, I still love you both as much as I love babies!

Gentry's 16 as of yesterday (I think you'll get my letter on Halloween, g.  Sorry it's late!) and Jed's turning 14 on November 2 (that's the last day of my 14th Transfer, so for one day we'll both for 14!).  I can't believe how old my gorgeous little siblings are getting, and that they're just gonna keep on growing until Jed's on a mission in France and Gentry's taking her kids to soccer.  Ha!  I'll probably be recording a new Mom's basement.

Here's all the Transfer News:  I'm staying here in Reggio with Anziano Smith for a third transfer. 
This is the first time I'll be with a companion for so long, so it's a good thing he's so harmless.  Anziano Stoll is staying (yay!), and Anziano Espinosa is going to Genova.  That's one of the prettiest cities in the mission and we're all really happy for him.  He's been in this same Zone for a year already.  We'll miss his personality, which is forever tied to this city for me, but he's going on to bigger and better things.

I love our Bishop and his family here and I'm starting to get to know them better.  I'm glad I have another 6 weeks at least to continue that.  It's weird, though, that I only have one more transfer call that matters.  It's unlikely that I'll go to a new city in six weeks just to spend my last six weeks in a brand new place.  But we'll see.

Anziano Vaclaw is coming in to serve with Stoll.  He was in Kessler's group, so I know him a bit.  He has a little of each of our personalities, so I think he'll be a great addition to this crazy District.  We'll also get a brand new sister!  Sorella Quinton is training!  We're all really pumped for that.

Okay, out of time.  Have a great week as I head into my 15th Trasffnweobjiwfrrr... (faints).

Anziano Burton

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