Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Better Leads to Best

Yes, Mom, GenCon was wonderful!  We had several technical difficulties since the missionaries were suddenly in charge of everything, but we got it worked out and ended up listening to many beautiful talks.  I was thrilled with the foreign language speakers, and there's no way I could pick a favorite (although off the top of my head I'd say it was Elder Christofferson's on Justice and Mercy. watch it Amazing!)  

Unfortunately we don't get to watch the last session on Sunday Afternoon because of the time difference and the missionary schedule.  I've heard it was good, though.  I love Conference.  Weird to think that this was my last one in Italy.  I've already done four of these?  Unbelievable.  And the next time I'm inspired by modern prophets, it'll be in the comfort of a home.  And I'll get to watch the whole thing.  Weird to think about.

How goes the work, you ask?  Well, what can I say?  It goes.  Things are happening.  Good things are happening.  The District is having fun and working together.  We're enjoying the Fall weather rolling it and pulling on our sweaters and thicker socks.  I love that the bugs go away and the clouds keep it cool.  Goodness, I love Autumn.  Weird to think that last time this weather came around I was in Verona.  I love Verona.

We're working on filling people with light.  That's the District Vision I came up with for this transfer.  Jesus Christ is the source of infinite light, and we are on a journey to gather as much as we can (I loved that talk, too, gathering celestial light. read it  Gorgeous!).  As our sphere fills with light -- truth, intelligence, knowledge, love -- we are able to shine bright for those still dim.  No one can force another to gather their own light and fill their own spheres, but we are able to teach and invite.  We're trying to find the ones who will react to those invitations and teach those who are willing to receive us.  I don't know how many there are, but I believe they're out there.

Those are some dense paragraphs.  I think I'll close out with my very favorite line from Conference, see it and one I hope to run through my mind with great frequency:

"Will this make you a better person?"

Every single choice we make should lead to our personal progress.  That question is a great way to analyze whether or not a choice will push us forward or pull us back.  Ask yourself frequently if your choices will make you a better person, because better and better leads to best.  Be ye therefore perfect.

Anziano Burton

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