Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Moving Forward

A fun thing: I saw your car this week!  It drove down the street I live on.  Exact same Volkswagon Passat, even down to the color.  It was really weird, because you almost NEVER see cars with a trunk here in Italy. My gut flipped.

I'm so excited for GenCon this week!  I've been pumping myself up for months... pretty much since last April.  I love everything about October, it's my favorite month for lots of reasons.  Especially because it starts with GenCon!  And it ends with my favorite Holiday!  And somewhere in there is the birthday of a very special someone who I love so very very much!

Things are going well here in Reggio Emilia.  A lot of our investigators are really starting to love and trust us.  I'm convinced that there's something about colder weather than pulls people closer together.  Maybe that's why I love the winter so much, because I'm way more interested in the warmth of a person's heart than that of the sun.  Besides, I hate being sweaty.

I need a haircut.  Interviews with President are coming up.  I'll have to renew my temple reccomend, which is really exciting.  I can't wait to attend the temple again in 2015.

I did a scambio this week with Anziano McKinnon.  It was an amazing and enlightening experience, serving a day with your MTC companion more than a year of experience later.  We've both matured a lot, even though we joked around like a couple of little kids sometimes.  We talked about some silly arguments we had in the MTC and told each other lots of mission stories and lessons learned.  It's incredible how much people change and grow, and yet they're still them.  There's just forward and back, forward and back. Anziano McKinnon has taken huge steps forward, and I'm proud of him and his success.

Make sure you're moving forward, too.  It seems like I'm surrounded by progressing people right now, which is a wonderful feeling.  You choose every step you take, don't ever forget that.  Prepare yourself now for a glorious future, because it's coming.  And it's coming fast.

Anziano Burton

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